Mating Rituals

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Mating Video

Before Midnight, Before Sunset, Before Sunrise

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These movies starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are  a trilogy   directed by Richard Linklater.They feature a couple in the beginning of their courtship, several years later when they make their commitment, and finally a decade after that when they are coping with the mundane experiences of their domestic life. The ...

Movie Review – Blue Jasmine- Woody Allen’s New movie

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    I saw this movie last night. It opened in Victoria at the Odeon. Cate Banchette plays a troubled, deluded woman married to an unscrupulous business man who cheats on her and in his businesses. When he decides he loves another and wants to leave her, ...

Questions for Marriage today

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I shared my experience of attending a wedding at The Bay for the Modern Bride trade show on February 2, 2013.The bride and groom elected to marry in this way rather than at a synagogue, church or even city hall. If ever there was an event to indicate the changes ...

The Sessions – a movie about sexual courage

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Helen Hunt was nominated for an Academy award for her role as a sexual surrogate in this film. She was paid for her part in helping a profoundly disabled man have a sexual experience.In 6 sessions she was to guide him into the sexual acts of his choice. This role ...

The Body in the World, The World in the Body

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This presentation is useful in understanding some of my ways of working with sexual and other issues. It is a resource based method that uses the nervous system's natural healing capacities. ENJOY !!!!

Times Colonist Article

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Saanich News Article!

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50 Shades of Sexuality

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Popular book is spurring talk about eroticism BY RICHARD WATTS, TIMES -COLONIST AUGUST 7, 2012 Family counsellor and sex therapist Jayne Weatherbe is planning a group discussion inspired by the popular Fifty Shades of Grey book series. Photograph by: Bruce Stotesbury, (August, 2012) Whatever its literary merits, ...

Unlock Your Erotic Genius – 3 Mistakes Smart Women Make that Keep them Dead to Sexual Bliss and Their Relationships at Risk

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Modern day living exacts a toll on women's sexuality. Enjoyment, anticipation, and orgasm eludes many of us. Inhibited sexual desire affects 40% of women under the age of 45 years and 70% at age 45 - 60 years. 70% of women fake their orgasms and many endure painful intercourse that is ...

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