Questions to Consider Now about your Sexuality

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SEX SPELLS1. What does sex mean to you now at your current age and stage ?

2. What did it mean 10 years ago?

3. Is there something sexually you are longing for?

4. How could you get it to happen? What would it take from within you?

5. Which of the following experiences have you had in sex ?

Charity   Excitement    Submission    Dominance    Being Chosen    Ultra Feminine

Ultra Masculine  Receiving  Openly   Giving Generously   No Responsibility

Closeness Beyond your Wildest Dreams     Spiritual Transcendence    Being Naughty

Transgressive    Risking     Frightened     Satisfied    WET    Tender

6. What would you yet like to experience ?

7. Who are you as a lover?

8. What would your partner say about you as a lover?

9. Do you put your heart and soul into it sometimes?

10. Do you hold back ?

11 What sexual dilemmas have you mastered?

12. What current dilemma or vulnerability do you experience?

13. What dilemma or vulnerability does your partner have?

14. What do you do to help or hinder with that vulnerability?

15. Have you been hurt sexually ? How does that show up in your current sex life?

16. What does initiation of sex mean  to you? Who should do it?

17. How connected are you in the sex act? How do you know this?

18. How do you know when you are unconnected?

19. What part does fantasy play in your sex life?

20. Can you role play ?

21. Have you added anything new to your sexual repertoire lately ?

22. What do you think about during sex?

23. What would it be like to share that with your partner?

24. What role does religion play in your life? In your sex life?

25. Have you been able to create an erotic boundary around your coupling?

26. Do the children or other factors interfere with your relationship? Is one person more vulnerable to the outside demands?










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