Trauma Resolution

Trauma is an experience that exceeds a person’s capacity to soothe themselves. It comes in many flavours, sizes and intensities. Deep memories of trauma are stored in a special part of the brain, the amygdala.

The residue of overwhelming experiences are as potent as though they just happened. The brain tries to process traumatic events by going over and over, detail by minute detail, night and day. We can become obsessed by experiences that we have not fully digested. We bring past traumatic experiences into our present life more than is appropriate or needed, hijacking both the present and the future.

Injuries can be difficult to repair when the amygdila is in charge. Couples and individuals find their way by “changing” their brain state, soothing their own hurts and forgiving. They get help outside their relationship for severe situations and don’t expect their partner to “be there for them always.”

Every individual has an innate capacity to soothe themselves. Whether we are anxious or fearless, we all have moments where our capacity to self soothe is exceeded by life’s events. Our eyes lock on our fear. Our bodies are ready for flight, fight or freeze. The primitive brain has taken over and is positive that we are in danger.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) or bilateral stimulation, helps people process these dangerous moments, becoming free from their trauma and finally moving from the past to the present.

Jayne provides counseling in:

  • Trauma resolution
  • Inner bonding
  • Loss and complicated grief

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