A Funny Thing Happened in Dance Class

July 01, 2018  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Rebecca is a young vibrant woman  who arrived in my Flamenco class in February of this year. She danced across the room from me so I didn’t notice her for a while. Then one Saturday afternoon after we worked the letra ( the verse ) part of dance vigorously and the atmosphere in class was heated, she suddenly threw her lovely mop of long brown hair towards the floor, only to flip it up in triumph a second later. Her face said “look at me;” her body said “savor me”. An ending pose was required from all of us, but this was not it. This was Rebecca’s own expression. And in retrospect it seemed like a sacred moment of sensuality, her femaleness staking its claim, making a move. In Spanish the word is seguro. She had it in spades.

I was not surprised later in the class when Rebecca was selected for a sexy grapevine solo. She performed it and several other pieces beautifully in the year end dance concert. On June 15 she was 4 months pregnant – a young woman full of her own vibrancy, unafraid of her own sexuality.





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