sexual therapyHaving an erotic, passionate life puts “life in your life,” swagger in your step, makes you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you can have that with the person you are married or committed to, you are fortunate indeed. Many things in life can take us away from erotic experiences, not the least of which is a faltering sense of “Do I deserve this much pleasure?”, or “Am I loveable enough?”

Jayne begins by asking clients to explore feelings and ideas about their sexual selves, about being a man or a woman, about the meaning of sex at this age and the expression of it. How do people create a sacred, sexual, sensual space? Jayne asks clients to prepare themselves for an experience of love. When they “show up,” they are able to maximize pleasure and do everything in their power to create a positive, exciting and loving experience.

Jayne offers support in:

  • Enhancing sexual potential
  • Resolving sexual problems
  • Sex appeal coaching

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What Clients Say:

  • "There's something about the way that you work. I trust you and I am getting better. People are noticing and I am not bothered by ...

    A 55 year old man struggling with no sexual desire in new marriage says…
  • "This is a compliment to you. I hear your voice telling me that I don’t need to suffer anymore."

    A client from Sidney says…
  • "It feels good to get those things off my chest and to understand the primitive brain’s part in my emotions."

    A client from Greater Victoria says…
  • "You seem to ask the right questions that get us where we need to go."    

    A client on Vancouver Island, BC