Simmering – Keeping your Erotic Charge

June 19, 2018  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Like a pot on the back burner, your erotic excitement can be kept simmering – below the boiling point for sex but still fun and inviting. I remember couples from my adolescence who would search out each other at every break. He’d walk with his hand in her back pocket of very tight jeans whenever he could. At her locker they’d separate momentarily while she got her books together, checked her makeup, gave her hair a toss. He’d have his back against the lockers adjacent to hers eyeing the competition, standing guard, staring them down. Waiting for the bell, they’d turn towards each other  gazing into each other’s eyes, stroking hair, biting their lips, taking in each other’s smell. ( I imagine.)


This couple never did well academically or athletically, but they sure had the sex stuff working for them. My boyfriends were always too shy for that stuff in public, me too…

Fast forward to 37 years of marriage and this couple is still inspiring to me. In my busy life style I look for opportunities to SIMMER. Feeling excited and sexy by noticing the sensations in my body while I have my neck kissed and nuzzled. Reminds me of my connection to my spouse and the promise of more to come.

There are many other things that feel good and take just a moment. You probably have some moves already that feel scrumptious and have happened organically. You can create more of these by your intentions, take stock and get attentive about moving in on your sweet moments. Happy simmering!!




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