What is SEXUALITY as a 68 year old woman ?

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2 days ago I danced in the Alma de Espana student fiesta. For the first time I danced my favourite flamenco style called bata de cola ( skirt with a little tail ). I received a lot of instruction from Veronica Maguire and thanks to her support, fine teaching and lots of practise on my part I performed this piece pretty well.

I was ecstatic afterwards and quite present during the performance itself.The doing and learning this piece reminded me of the work, finesse, presence, sense of self that must be developed to have an ecstatic sexual experience.No genitalia were rubbed,no kisses exchanged, no fond caresses in this performance but I would call it sexual anyway.My favourite sexual partner was in the audience barely able to see me since he was sitting behind a tall person on the wrong side of the stage. C’est la vie.

In the many private classes I had with Veronica she often focused my attention on the small details that bring any dance to fruition.

I remember the class that required me to bring the fingers of my right hand forward in a flat but fingers flowing way, looking forward with my deliciously alive hand then back with longing- head and eyes too. I experienced a flow of sexual energy with that move and encouragement from a talented woman my own age.

I am reminded of the sexual response cycle : desire, arousal,orgasm and beyond. Sexual desire is influenced by how we feel about our partner at the moment, how we feel and think about what we are about to do and most importantly how we feel and think about ourselves.

Bruce Lipton has some great ideas about aging and the messages we give ourselves about ourselves. When I first heard his message I told myself, my bones, my DNA that I wanted to be dancing and having sex till I was 90 years old.

Flamenco, ballet, modern, jazz dance are all ways I hope to keep myself alive and kicking for the long haul.


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