Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression SupportAnxiety and depression often go together and play havoc with a person’s self esteem, relationships and life path. They thrive in social isolation, deprivation, routine, ennui and boredom.

Understanding our own brain chemistry and temperament helps us manage these disorders. We learn to seek out new experiences, self soothe, attune to early losses and find a balance between challenging those limitations we place on ourselves through worrying, and accepting those that are natural and human.





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What Clients Say:

  • Some questions to consider .
  • To keep yourself in the sexual moment, put words to your desires, your longings to be touched, licked, fondled, stroked, caressed as they occur. Notice ...

    Keep your eyes open and your words flowing
  • This is a compliment to you. I hear your voice telling me that I don’t need to suffer anymore.

    Client, Sidney, BC
  • It feels good to get those things off my chest and to understand the primitive brain’s part in my emotions.

    Client, Greater Victoria, BC