Relationship & Sex Therapy in Victoria

Jayne Weatherbe

Relationship & Sex Therapy in Victoria.

I am  a Victoria BC therapist who’s been helping couples and individuals sort out the day-to-day challenges of living and loving for more than 40 years. And I love my work.

  • Identify and break out of destructive patterns
  • Move out of the past and live in the present moment
  • Clear up destructive anger and resentments
  • Stand up for yourself while showing respect for other people
  • Develop  a more sensual intimate connection with your partner
  • Solve long standing sexual and relationship problems
  • Learn new skills for the 21st century kind of relationships
  • Expand your sexual repertoire
  • Change the molecules of emotion using mindfulness techniques to the fullest
  • Trauma resolution using EMDR
  • Resource Installation using EMDR

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#2 – 1517 Amelia Street
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 2J9

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About Jayne Weatherbe
Jayne has been in private practice in Victoria, BC since 1986.

She is a registered marriage and family therapist, an Approved Supervisor with the BC division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, a member of BC Clinical Counsellors and member of AASECT American Association of Sex Educators Counsellors and Therapists

Jayne has extensive training in sex therapy and has studied with David Schnarch and Ruth Morehouse, Doug Weiss and Esther Perel.
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Jayne Weatherbe has several areas of expertise that she draws on in her work as a Victoria BC counsellor.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marital and Relationship Enrichment
  • Helping couples resolve sexual issues and enhance sexual potential
  • Assisting alcoholics, other addicts and their families in recovery
  • Issues with food – overeating, under eating, bulimia,anorexia, body shape and size struggles
  • Issues and accountability with money – for couples or individuals
  • Retirement issues for couples and individuals

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