Becoming Married Well After Divorce

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The break-up rates for marriages after divorce are higher than first time married. Even though hopes are high and love can be sweeter second time around, the emotional demands are higher, the living and dying arrangements more complicated and the bond is more fragile. Treating your second, third or fourth marriage as though it is like the first is a common mistake. Soul mates are made in heaven. Here on Earth we’ve got to learn the principles and behaviours that build on re-found love and allow it to flourish into happily ever after in an adult way.


Likewise the skills for being married well for the long haul the first time, are complex too. More and more of us are surviving and thriving through our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. We’ve never as a culture had a situation where marriages last as long as 30, 40 even 50 years. The beliefs and skills of how to be married at these ages and stages need to be updated. Sexuality is particularly vulnerable to out dated ideas of gender and performance expectations. Yes, 80 year olds can be sexual. 75 year olds marry for the third time finding their partners on line.


This workshop will focus on the skills and beliefs that foster marital wellness for the long haul.


Dates: Three Sundays in June beginning June 5, 12 and skipping Father’s Day to

June 26.


Times: 1:30 – 4:30 pm


Place: Oak Bay United Church 1355 Mitchell Street


Cost: $90.00 + HST = $100.80 per person.  A total of 9 hours of instruction.


No refunds after June 1.


Call 250- 388-6434 to register or for information



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