Hey Guys Help Find her Gspot She’ll love you forever!!

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The G Spot or Grafenberg spot was identified in early 80’s.It is named after a German physician who first brought attention to it in the 50’s It is a mass of spongy tissue,an important part of the vagina. In an unstimulated state, it is the size of a small bean located in the front wall of the vagina – the belly button side. It must be felt through the vaginal wall and swells to the size of a dime or more when properly stimulated.

It is not easily accessed lying down. Squatting or sitting with hips rotated up works best for the woman to find this spot herself.  Once arousal is achieved ,insert 2 lubricated fingers 1 inch into the vagina, palm upwards, fingers flicking upwards in a come hither gesture. Firm upwards pressure is needed to create swelling. A small lump will emerge along with an urge to urinate. Continued stimulation brings a deeper and more intense orgasm.

A partner may provide the stimulation also. This can be achieved by woman lying on her stomach with her legs spread like a frog. 3 or 4 lubricated fingers can be inserted into the vagina, palm up, fingers firmly stroking the belly button side of the vaginal wall. This motion can induce female ejaculation or squirting. It seems like urination but is something different in composition. Some women do this automatically, every time they have sex others never do it and some do it once in awhile. There is some controversy about whether this can be taught. Neither condition is an indication of satisfaction or sexual performance.

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