Movie Review – Blue Jasmine- Woody Allen’s New movie

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I saw this movie last night. It opened in Victoria at the Odeon.

Cate Banchette plays a troubled, deluded woman married to an unscrupulous business man who cheats on her and in his businesses. When he decides he loves another and wants to leave her, she sets the FBI on him, they investigate and the world falls in on her and him.


Revenge can seem so sweet and so necessary to reduce the pain at the end of a marriage and the life you’ve known. It usually only makes matters worse as the movie goes on to show.

Cate [ Jasmine ] goes on to live with her sister and her empty inner life continues to thwart her. She is traumatized by everything that has happened to her and talks to herself on park benches and many other places too.

The movie shows very acutely the way life can unfold when one cannot soothe oneself or confront life from a place of honesty and integrity. Jasmine’s true self has been papered over with money, trinkets and a selfish life style. When her life needs wisdom and maturity, she does not have it to give- to herself, her sister, her step son, her cheating, flawed husband.

Compassion is needed, not self pity.

This is a fabulous role for Cate Blanchett and a great comment on the travesty of dishonesty, revenge and childishness.


I recommend it to stalwart souls who are interested in life on life’s terms. You will need your courage. I did.








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