Non Panic Ways to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

March 22, 2020  |   Blog   |     |   Comments Off on Non Panic Ways to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

Mental and emotional help at this time is crucial so that existing relational issues do not worsen and new fear-based issues do not develop. The unexpected and unparalleled threat posed by this virus makes life more difficult for all of us. Our brains do not have  direct experience with it. Hence the heightened response. Please keep your health-based appointments when you can. I continue to connect with current and new clients carefully through “facetime,” telephone and a few office meetings.

I have been speaking with clients all week about their regular,come-to-see-Jayne, issues as well as their concerns and fears about the virus.Some clients have been deemed essential servers and need to show up at work regardless of their home  responsibilities or feelings about putting themselves on the front line. Others expect to be mandated into preventative quarantine for longer than a few days just to do their job for the long haul. These folks have extra stack stress. I hope to continue to support them by Facetime and prayer.

Mindfulness and embodiment techniques   have helped these folks through telephone contact only. Sensing the energy or lack thereof in your legs, feet, ankles  and outside edges can help bring  energy back to these crucial areas so that a sense of grounding and being in the moment can be re-established. This sense of being with YOUR inner resources can help navigate  the current crisis.

Surviving is critical, but so is the capacity to strive effectively and also thrive. Good problem solving requires the best part of our brain; ie., the neocortex, to be engaged. Not too much anxiety, but not too little either- like Goldilocks -” just right – ” relaxed and alert”. Being able to shift your brain state from primitive, reptilian fear -based to more warm-blooded, limbic is a crucial skill. We do need physical distancing just now, but not social distancing. Human beings need each other to survive, strive and thrive.

Moving up the phylogenic scale to the neo-cortex part of the brain will enable a bigger more compassionate perspective. I am so relieved and grateful that The Times Colonist and Jawl family initiated a way to donate funds for the vulnerable population of Victoria. Many families and individuals  are desperate and need our care. Do what you can to support those most vulnerable. It’s an investment in all our futures and use of your best self which should help you feel like a good citizen.


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