Questions for Marriage today

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I shared my experience of attending a wedding at The Bay for the Modern Bride trade show on February 2, 2013.The bride and groom elected to marry in this way rather than at a synagogue, church or even city hall. If ever there was an event to indicate the changes culturally in marriage this was it. Many couples had signed up to be the recipint of this way of being married.

Nowadays, we want that one special person to be everything to us – a soul mate here on earth. We marry now for love, sexual satisfaction, friendship, all tied up in one person. It’s a tall order for a culture that is also shedding it’s ways of doing marriage.

What’s needed more and more as the years go on are the skills to keep longing for that which you already have. How to keep desire alive along with love and friendship when the forbidden and the unavailable are so compelling. How do we make babies but not allow their care to destroy the sex that created them ??

These are some of the dilemmas of Modern Marriage. I do not know whether being officially married in a chapel at the Bay Centre surrounded by your family, friends and hundreds of strangers will give the couple a leg up on the struggles of being married. In an age of social media they certainly got off in the right spirit. Facebooking about the ups and downs of the first year might help.

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