miraclesWhen we’re in the middle of a crisis, we can’t see clearly what’s happening to us. We are in too deep to recognize habitual patterns, understand what what’s happening with the people around us or identify new ways of behaving and being.

Jayne brings an experienced, educated and caring outsider’s perspective to your life. She begins in a place of loving respect and moves into openness and honesty, helping clients see their lives and their issues with new clarity.

relationshipsRelationships: Married, Dating & Living Together

Over time, long-term relationships can get stuck. Qualities that were once endearing and sweet become annoying and childish…

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Trauma Resolution

Trauma is an experience that exceeds a person’s capacity to soothe themselves. It comes in many flavours, sizes and intensities. Deep memories of trauma are stored in a special part of the brain, the amygdala…

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sexual therapySexuality

Having an erotic, passionate life puts “life in your life,” swagger in your step, makes you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you can have that with the person you are married or committed to, you are fortunate indeed…

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When we do not face our insecurities, we remain mired in the unconscious, unmet needs of our childhood. We often project those needs onto the people closest to us. Spouses are perfectly set up for this, as are friends, co-workers and family…

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parenting teensParenting

Finding and developing your own parental style, as a mother, a father and as a team, is an important feature of family life. It’s about creating create the soft side of hierarchy…

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Anxiety & Depression SupportAnxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression often go together and play havoc with a person’s self esteem, relationships and life path. They thrive in social isolation, deprivation, routine, ennui and boredom

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What Clients Say:

  • If you would like to follow up with more information about affairs please read Esther Perel's new book. Some of her ideas are included in ...

    The State of Affairs – Rethinking Infidelity

  • Some questions to consider .
  • To keep yourself in the sexual moment, put words to your desires, your longings to be touched, licked, fondled, stroked, caressed as they occur. Notice ...

    Keep your eyes open and your words flowing
  • This is a compliment to you. I hear your voice telling me that I don’t need to suffer anymore.

    Client, Sidney, BC